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So, be it the physical pleasures or material comforts, the Taurus-born love to indulge in excesses. And, they will not hesitate in going an extra mile to find these pleasures. Most Taurus-borns are connoisseurs of good food and good life.

Marathi translation of 'sagittarius'

Paradoxically, though, Taurus natives are fixed in their approach; they disregard change. They are loyal and attached to their loved ones, jobs, employers, project, friends and almost everyone and everything. This attribute make Taurus quite headstrong and stubborn. When extended to work, this very stubbornness becomes a boon — as the Taurus Individuals are seen slogging it out to achieve what they have set out for.

2018 horoscope for all zodiac signs: Find out what the stars have in store for you

They are happy, willing, patient and sincere in their overall approach. Unlike Taurus, Taurus are also gifted with an ability to see a project to completion. However, when applied to their personal realm, this obstinate streak makes Taurus quite a tough nut to crack. You will see them creating a hue and cry, whenever pushed to alter their schedules and priorities. Note that it is extremely difficult to convince Taurus to change their minds. Also, many Taurus individuals are slow and lazy, which may irritate their partners.

Nonetheless, the possessive Taurus individuals make excellent lovers, as they tend to value their loved ones, over everyone and everything. Their own personal lives and security net are precious to Bulls, and they do not hesitate to shower their beloved with amazing gifts. Sign Ruled By: Venus planet.

The Symbol denotes: Stubbornness and tenacity, fierce energy and aggression but also a laid-back, lazy attitude. Noteworthy qualities: Steadfastness, trustworthiness, persistence, composure, self-reliance, constructiveness, practicality, humour, fearlessness and stability.

धनु राशि का कड़वा सच -- Sagittarius horoscope rashi 2018 in hindi,dhanu

Undesirable personality traits: Stubbornness, domination, obstruction, dogmatic attitude, conceit, self-centred behaviour, laziness, exacting approach. Exaltation: The Moon.

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Associated Flowers and Plants: Daisies, foxgloves, lilies, poppies, primroses, roses and violets. Anatomically Taurus corresponds to: Neck, throat, ears, pharynx, Eustachian tubes, tonsils, palate, thyroid gland, upper portion of the oesophagus, and vocal chords; jugulars in the next and the veins of the thyroid gland; cervical vertebrae in the neck; the front and back neck muscle; external carotids and basilar artery. Also Read Taurus Nature.

About Taurus

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sagittarius | Marathi translation of sagittarius

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Aquarius Horoscope. The period ends with the exit of Shani from the zodiac sign immediately following the zodiac of moon. Shani takes two and a half years to transit each zodiac and therefore takes a total of seven and a half years to exit the third zodiac.

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The result page also displays Ardha Sade-sati also called Dhaiya, Panoti , rising, peak and setting of Shani in different houses, ashtama shani etc There is still difference of opinion among astrologers about the effect of Sade sati on the native. Some claim that Shani's transit through the above mentioned signs is inauspicious and is accompanied by trouble and challenges.

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