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  2. Eclipse Season Is Stirring Up Some Juicy Drama in Your Life đź‘€
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The atmosphere feels heavy, serious and like it means business. Capricorn makes sure it is always prepared…no matter what. This is the first of the eclipses since the Nodes changed signs so naturally, we begin a new set of themes to explore and discover. As this is a South Node eclipse, what is revealed around this time is connected to where we have been stuck for too long, too rigid, too ingrained in the rules. As ever though, how we respond to these events influences what unfolds.

Lunar & Solar Eclipses in and How They Affect Your Life | Allure

Generally, at a Capricorn New Moon, we are planting seeds for new endeavours. Capricorn is the big mountain to climb, our greatest accomplishments, lofty career and professional goals. The North Node in Cancer shows that for all of us, we need to look more to our private and emotional lives. Capricorn, hardworking and responsible though it is, can also be inclined to take on too much.

This is about releasing those burdens taken on in an effort to gain respect and good standing in society. Instead we need to get in touch with our own inner authority.

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We need emotional support, connection, mothering, a soft place to fall. The Moon is conjunct both Saturn and Pluto emphasising the intense weight we feel on our shoulders.

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Eclipse Season Is Stirring Up Some Juicy Drama in Your Life đź‘€

But it IS important. We DO need to change for long term stability and to build trust.

FATE ALERT! NEW KARMIC LIFE DIRECTION! Solar Eclipse in Capricorn January 2019 Astrology Horoscope

A sextile between the eclipse and Neptune gives us a helping hand. Compassion is the way forward.

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Let the feelings flow. The old order Capricorn is undergoing a transformation Pluto and what we need to build Saturn now is something meaningful Neptune.

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Lunar eclipses, however, occur during the Full Moon phase. Likewise, lunar eclipses are often referred to as Blood Moons.

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Eclipses activate the lunar nodes, which show up in our birth charts as the North and South Nodes of Destiny. Scared yet?

SOLAR ECLIPSE 5,6 JANUARY 12222: Vision of the days to come

But eclipses are far from subtle. To put it simply, eclipses are messy bitches who love drama. The solar eclipse on July 2nd is linked to new beginnings, unexpected opportunities, and fresh starts. However, because the Sun symbolizing the external world is blocked by the Moon representing our emotional reflection , these changes often start internally.

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By fusing your ego with your sensitivities, the solar eclipse helps you realize that your future choices are all about advocating for your self-worth. On the other hand, the lunar eclipse on July 16th helps you understand the long-term implications of these critical changes. As the Moon emits this unusual umber tone, it enables you to shift your perspective and process your circumstances through a different lens. These eclipses are occurring in Cancer and Capricorn.

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So, if you have a planet or celestial point in Cancer or Capricorn, it will be directly impacted by these eclipses. However, because all birth charts are degrees and contain all the zodiac signs, everyone will—to varying degrees—be influenced by these eclipses. The Cancer-Capricorn eclipse series actually started last year, so to find out exactly how these upcoming eclipses will impact you, think back to the earlier occurrences on July 12th, , and January 5th, What was going on in your life? Who was involved?