Pisces weekly horoscope february 8 2020

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Year of Where do other people end, Pisces, and where do you begin?

Pisces and Pisces Ascendant Horoscope 2020

Still, Pisces, the more time you spend with them, the easier it seems to lose touch with yourself. A square between Venus and Neptune May 3, May 20, and July 27 challenges you to loosen the family ties a little and explore who you are outside the family dynamic. Fortunately, Mars in your sign May June 27 gives you the confidence and courage to put yourself out there. Year of Put your best foot forward, Pisces! During this transit, everyone you meet is likely to fall at least a little bit in love with you.

By March 8, Venus meets up with Uranus to serve some radical realness in down-to-earth Taurus. Venus settles into Gemini from April 3-August 7, giving you some extra time to feather your love nest. The Horoscope. Monthly Horoscope.

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  7. Pisces November Monthly Horoscope. Aries Yearly Predictions. Taurus Yearly Predictions. As your leisure zones light up this weekend, take yourself on a weekend trip to enjoy a new pace. Read your full Gemini weekly horoscope. There is some focus on your intellectual areas this week—planning, studying, or researching.


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