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Other professions are also straightforward to predict. Good doctors are indicated by Sun and a strong 6th or 12th house. Mahendra Singh Dhoni: 7 July , Professions that are not straightforward are sports and politics.

Career Astrology: finding your path

Although Mars is the planet for sports, good sportsmen are not guaranteed to have important planets in navansh signs of Mars. Instead, they are seen to have a strong Mars affecting the foundation of the chart and Venus as the planet of entertainment governing their vocation. The most notable of such horoscopes is Shri Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who is no doubt a good sportsman. However, his claim to fame was through the T20 world cup and IPL, which should be considered entertainment.

Mars is 3rd Lord and is aspecting its own house of Parakram from 9th house, which gives Martian hue to his artistry.

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He is a good businessman, administrator of a sports company and he is an actor working in myriad advertisements. Yes, bottom line is that he is good in sports, but to say that his main vocation is sports would be misleading. Also, Venus is a planet of grace and style, while Mars stands for competition. Venus was strong, Mars was debilitated and the kid did not do well in competitive sports.

There are multiple charts of Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar floating around on the net, which makes it difficult to judge the 10th house. However, irrespective of confusion over his time of birth, his chart is an example of how strong planets fulfill their karakatva and drive the destiny of the individual. He is, therefore, a warrior.

For politicians, it is not easy to delineate vocation. Politics is public service, while the main vocation for the politicians is something different. I have not taken examples of politicians for this article. Please tell me which career option is best for me according to my kundli mbbs or lawyer or judge or any other.. Dob is Birth place is bareilly uttar pradesh and timing is 12 am. Please follow this link for Contact and Consultation. Your email is used for verification purposes only, it will never be shared.

Please go through the Terms of Use in the footer of the page. Defense, research and investigation: CBI department, Secret organization, defense department, scientists especially related chemicals, nuclear physics, Leprosy department. Theft or illegal activities: Robbers, picketers, thieves, smuggling, cheating, pick pocketing, chain snatching, corruption, all underground work, black magician, and prostitution. Manufacturing of: cigarette, wine, bomb, chemicals pesticide or various other poisonous chemicals and electronics.

Apart from the above rahu also governs over photographers, actors, gas agents, snake keepers and prison. You must also remember that in the above scenario the linkage of Rahu with Saturn then the person will undergo initial subordination and this may also result in poverty. But in the later part of life he will become an eminent personality with lot of experience.

Satisfaction would seriously lack. Changes and disputes in job would be unavoidable. The person behave feel very lonely and alone. Yes in case both Ketu and Saturn are very good in the chart after taking into account many factors , then success, respect and peace will oblige the native. Hence as soon as you locate linkage degree wise closeness, sign exchange, trine placement and mutual aspect of ANY PLANET with Jupiter Jeeva karaka or Saturn karma karaka , career in the fields mentioned corresponding to that planet are possible, BUT remember, never give judgment just on the basis of this rule alone as there could be simultaneous effect of more than 1 planet on your Jupiter and Saturn, in that case you have to mix some results which would demand practice and Secondly we also have to take into account the effect of 10 th sign, 10 th lord as per the cusp chart , Navamsa depositor of 10 th lord, D chart etc.

Therefore, restraint yourself in giving any immediate conclusion. Ok so now, you all basically know that which all types of professions falls under which planets and how exactly you will take your first step in predicting the profession area of the person. After analyzing the karaka and the planetary influences on it in the first step, now in the second step you all need to focus your attention on these 6 points:.

Navamsa sign of 10 th cusp lord. Navamsa sign of 7th cusp lord f Professions coming under the scope of planets influencing through aspect or placement the 1st house of D-9 chart If no planet aspects or is placed in the first house of your D-9 chart, then take lord of 1st house in D-9 chart. I have already listed the professions coming under the scope of each planet above but let me now list all the professions which fall under each sign, so that points b, c, d and e mentioned above can be interpreted.

Profession and Astrology | Nikhil’s World

Aries: Defense, weapons and fire related work, Government related work ,various types of Sports, Engineering, Iron, brick, pottery and mining related work, expertise in surgery, cooking and agriculture. Taurus: Cattle feeding and nurturing, Jewelry trade, finance or money handling, Textiles and handicrafts, showpieces, scents, luxury hotels, dealers of flowers and fruits, all artistic pursuits like acting, music, poetry, story telling and writing and singing.

Gemini: All modes of data communications like letter, books, telephone, TV, cable, Information and broad casting etc, space related research, accountants, auditors, lawyers, judges, councilors, ambassadors, mathematicians etc. Libra: All forms of artistic work acting, dancing, singing etc , all professions of money handling banks, insurance, commissioning , lawyers, Jewelers, Textiles and handicrafts, showpieces, scents, cloth business, law dept. I know after reading all those, a, b, c, d, e and f points many of you must be wondering that Nikhil, like this all the professions of the world would suit everybody BUT DEAR ALL, this is simply not the case.

As I have said that the most important factor is your 1 st step based on karaka. Now let me just take an example to make you understand the methodology more clearly and emphatically. I write a lot on occult subjects, hence I am also into writing and I also teach occult subjects, hence you can say that I am also into teaching. I am taking my example because I am into so many fields that my chart would serve as a detailed example for making you all understand the exact methodology of interpretation.

Basically we have to analyze that which all astrological factors have forced me into these fields and with what intensity i. Hence search for astrological basis w. Out of these 3, mercury and Ketu are closer to my Saturn degree wise, so the professions related to mercury and Ketu will start affecting my profession ahead of Sun, professions related to sun will influence my profession later in my life.

Hence Just refer the fields which falls under the Planets Ketu, Mercury and Sun, you all will be able to immediately establish the connection. Since it gives identity and importance to a person in the society. Good academic ability leads to a smooth career. Education is seen through the fourth house. It shows education gained in school. The fifth house shows knowledge gained after completion of education of school; whether it is in any institution or in an office or in any workplace. If the first, fourth, fifth houses are in good condition then it uplifts the tenth house. Third house shows the mental inclination of a person. It shows enthusiasm in a person.

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Nothing is expected of a person with a weak third house. This means that the person lacks strength and enthusiasm in his life. It also shows the employer of; a person. Seventh house shows business partnerships and foreign travels whereas eleventh house denotes gains. The planet related to Sun ascendant and Moon ascendant should also be judged as well. The planet which is the strongest of all will influence the field of career more.

Planets are divided into two categories:. Some career streams are a mixture of both technical and non-technical.